Welcome to Saratoga Letterpress!

We are a small crew of letterpress enthusiasts pumping away on our our vintage Golding #7 from 1888.

Our core business:

  • Creating high quality custom letterpress gift certificates that include photos and video footage of the production process to assist your content-marketing efforts and increase awareness and sales.

Our benefits:

  • Fast turnaround (completed within 72 hours for most partners)
  • Lowest pricing (partner jobs routinely bill at less than $240)

Our other specialties:

  • Adhesives (beer / cider / wine / spirit / honey labels - an unpleasant job most pressers avoid!)
  • Wedding invitations, save-the-dates, and thank-you cards.
  • Coasters, menus, and "specials" messaging.
  • Quality-you-can-feel business cards

What is "Vintage Content Marketing"?

Gift Certificate Letterpress Content Marketing.mp4

"Vintage Content Marketing" is the idea that modern media (photos and video) of vintage processes (such as the printing of premium gift certificates on an antique press) will engage your customers where they interact socially and lead to an increase in certificate sales with genuinely interesting and engaging content that ultimately highlights the care and quality you are putting into your gift certificates.

You know that your premium gift certificates should feel like an expensive gift when purchased and when received. Let your customers actually see the quality of the gift certificates they're thinking of purchasing for a loved one with video of them being made, one-by-one and by hand, on an antique letterpress. Start the viral conversation with "wow!, these are beautiful!"

Most videos are 60 seconds and we encourage you to additionally edit them with your brand images and custom messages (ex, how to order and contact info).

For local orders, feel free to ask for video of yourself working the press!

Get your project started today with Saratoga Letterpress.

It's easier to get your project letterpressed than you might think.

If you already have a gift certificate design we review it and get a plate made from that design very quickly. Although we believe it's in your best interest to plan ahead (for the Holidays for example) we can typically get you your finished project within a week of receiving your design.

Contact us and let's go over your questions and ideas!

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